Add elegant sophistication and a splash of colour to any room with a stunning floor rug from Stan’s Rug Centre.

Centrally located on Beaufort St, Inglewood, WA, we specialise in moderntraditional, Persian and custom-made rugs in Perth. From plain to intricately patterned, vintage to ultra-modern, we have the perfect rug for you.

Discover and fall in love with our range of extensive range of rugs.

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One of Perth’s premier rug retailers specialising in Modern, traditional rugs to suit your décor. Located on Beaufort Street Inglewood, our showroom has an extensive range of modern and traditional rugs to suit your décor. Over the years we have accumulated a vast collection of rugs from around the world and take pride in bringing some of the very best in designs and colours to our customers to keep up with ever changing fashion trends.

Contemporary or modern rugs: We select from an ever-increasing range of contemporary rugs to offer you the very best of designs and colours. We like to emphasise natural fibres and most of our rugs are tufted, knotted or woven wool and are supplied by leading designers including The Rug Collection, Bayliss, Shaynna Blaze, Coppola Home, and many more.


Custom making is another service we provide and is the perfect way to get creative and make your very own unique rug. With over 1200 colours of wool and art silk to choose from, in cut pile, loop pile or varying pile height combination, your options are endless. Select from existing in-store designs or create your own design to suit your décor.

Our collection now includes a large range of authentic Middle Eastern Persian carpets. Handmade rugs are sourced from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. All rugs are a unique handmade treasure, crafted with all natural fibres and dyes. Some designs include Bokhara, Chobi, Tabriz Mahi, Kashan and many more. We also display a variety of traditional and modern machine woven rugs produced from a variety of countries including Belgium and Turkey. We stock both wool and heat set quality rugs to suit any décor in a variety of colours and sizes.

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