How To Style Jute Rugs


First, what is jute?

Jute is a natural fibre that’s harvested from the jute plant which is predominantly cultivated in India and Bangladesh. Its famous nickname ‘golden fibre’ is due to its silky hue but could also be attributed to the world-wide love affair with this incredibly robust and yet soft, versatile material.

Its natural earthy tones, robust nature and affordability make jute rugs a constant favourite for homemakers on a budget, designers who want to mix up tones and textures and anyone with high foot-traffic zones.



Jute Rug Styles

In fact if you’re looking for something that exudes style and can stand up to the rigours of a busy foyer, hallway or lounge room, jute must sit atop your shopping list.

When first dried, jute has a brown hue but thanks to its increasing popularity, manufacturers are broadening their ranges with dyed jute. This can bring some vivid colours to your floor with the same strong, tight weaves that jute is famous for. Patterns can be stripes, chevrons and even circles on a round jute rug.

If you’d rather leave the weave to do all the design talking, you’ll find herringbone as a jute favourite. It’s subtle and soft underfoot and just perfect for a bedroom floor addition. Other designs can be large geometric patterns like diamonds.

Designing décor around jute

Now here’s where life with jute gets thoroughly interesting. Yes, you can throw a jute rug down and let if ‘fly solo’ but for added appeal, jute takes on a designer quality when layered with other rugs. Especially if you choose a jute rug with a border. By following a floating or classic layout, designers begin with a bordered jute rug and then play off its natural tones by layering a coloured rug over the top. The jute rug becomes the frame for the chic additions on top, be they textile, furnishings or ornaments.

If you’ve fallen for the herringbone affect in jute, you can let it subtly blend with the likes of block prints, mirrors and striped curtains.

Love your jute and it’ll love you back

If only everything in the home was as easy to care for as jute rugs are. With such tight knots, the sturdiness will hold up to years and years of use, without it looking as old as you know it to be! The only upkeep is regular vacuuming, as the fibres tend to shed… and to jump onto spots and stains the moment they appear.

Cleaning up spills is usually dealt with via warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Once you’ve dunked the cloth into the soapy water, keep softly dabbing the spot until it’s gone.

Now we mentioned shedding – never fear, there’s a solution to reduce this. Simply use a rug pad underneath or apply a backing to the rug. Not only will the underside have less jute fallout, it will also reduce the amount of rug movement.


Stan’s Rugs are jute perfect!

Stan’s Rugs has a great range of natural rugs. Our Tutti Frutti plays with colour and hand-woven artistry and is available in a broad range of sizes. The Polo is a stunning contemporary round rug in an assortment of colours. While for beautiful eco-friendly jute that’s hand-loomed in a chunky knit weave, you really will love the neutral and navy tones of Barker.

And always remember, a round jute rug is a perfect companion to a square or rectangular table. Just make sure the rug is large so as not to compete with the other shapes.

Jute rugs are a great way to add texture and warmth while seamlessly blending with the rest of your interior. That they’re affordable too just seals the deal on this amazing product.

For the absolute best choice of jute rugs in Perth, head onto our internet store to browse at your leisure, or pop by our Inglewood showroom for that extra personal touch. There is an ideal jute rug just for you… it’s waiting for you now at Stan’s Rugs.

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