Traditional Rugs

Imagine a rug design so popular that it has survived centuries, fads and newcomers to still dominate the popularity contests of today. That is the esteemed place that traditional rugs hold around the world. We love them for their ornate patterns and strict colour regimes. Often you’ll find individual designs passed down through generations to dress the floors of a freshly-built 2019 home as perfectly as a 100-year-old classic.

Traditional Rug Styles and Types

Traditional rug designs typically herald from historical Oriental, Persian, European and Victorian patterns. These beautiful rugs often add an elevated, dignified style to a space.

One rule that is always adhered to by makers of traditional rugs is to use the same set of colours: blue, black, red, maroon, white, green, navy and/or brown. Whether you’re an expert or not, you’ll know a traditional rug when you see it. The design almost always features a border, floral and filigree-type intricate patterns and one or many medallions in the shape of octagons, hexagons and diamonds.

A popular spin on the traditional rug is a move to transitional rugs. You still get the classic traditional pattern but it doesn’t adhere to the strict colour regime or it could be blended with a more contemporary design.

Stan’s Rug’s Amazing Collection

Stan’s Rugs come from Belgium and Turkey and form Perth’s greatest collection of traditional rugs. Hall runners, round rugs and the classic rectangle designs are all available. It is a very personal process so if our extensive range still doesn’t hit the spot, we can customise to fit your space.

Our Palace, Sydney or Da Vinci collections are the most classic of traditional rug designs. Then come the more modern traditional rugs in the Drift and Evoke collections. Finally, straddling traditional, modern and transitional styles is the Zenith collection. All with a luscious pile height of between 9 – 11mm, from polypropylene and/or polyester, we give you an extensive list of sizes to choose from.

How the World Uses Traditional Rugs

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a heritage-listed house. Traditional rugs are at-home in casual, modern living spaces too – down a hall or bringing together a lounge and a coffee table. Designers will lay them down, under a bed but on an angle to create some interest in a very symmetrical space.

Where there used to be an etiquette (and still is in some circles) there is now room to move as more people can afford traditional rugs and the practical application becomes a wider sphere.

Time to Get Styling

When you’re styling a home, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to stick to just one type of rug throughout the whole house. A traditional rug could be the perfect addition to your lounge room but on your way to the kitchen, a small modern rug could make a lovely transition.

Don’t be afraid to put a traditional rug on carpet either. It’s a very popular move – one that is used to give a room dimension and layers, or in designer terms, interest.

Traditional rugs are all about elevating a space with a stately tone, using a classic design that quite probably has been passed down through time. The people who make them, consider it an honour. The people who sell them feel the same. As we have the greatest collection of traditional rugs in Perth, we welcome you to stop by our Inglewood showroom. We’d be happy to help.

If, on the other hand you’d love a scroll through our online store, go right ahead. We’re ready to help when the perfect traditional rug speaks to you.