Stan’s Luxury Rugs

Considered the ‘high end’ of the Stan’s Rugs in Perth range, our luxury rugs are sourced from India where they are hand-woven from beautiful natural textiles like art silk, New Zealand wool, hand spun wool and bamboo silk.

Definitely the key to one of our luxury rugs is understated design. Having said that, you can still explore the gamut of rug fashion with geometric patterns, transitional rugs and plush hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs in a luxury design that you can confidently lay down for years of enjoyment.

The Marrakesh is inspired by the old world motifs of exotic destinations. Hand knotted with bamboo silk, a soft, slender appeal beautifies any floor.

For a luxurious rug with a raised traditional design, the Metz is almost a piece of artwork in itself and is hand loom knotted wool and lustrous art-silk.

For an understated but modern take on luxury rugs, our Decadence or Kingdom rugs set a tone of extravagance.

Please visit all 12 luxury rug designs online or come in to our Inglewood store to run your hand across the luxury weaves.

So What Is Luxury?

It’s a common error to think that the word luxury can only mean expensive. In today’s world, luxury is so much more about the permanency of the product.

We know what ‘everyday’ items look like and how long they last – sometimes less than a year! Place an item of luxury beside an everyday item and it becomes obvious that the quality of the luxury item is superior in design and make, so the experience you’ve paid for will linger longer.

This rule of luxury covers the spectrum of fine goods, from chocolates to furniture and especially luxury rugs.


Quality Luxury Rugs That Last

So what makes a luxury rug outlast a standard woven rug? First and foremost, you cannot beat the endurance of natural fibres. Nature took its time creating the wool on the sheep’s back… the silk spun from the silk worm… and the bamboo as it sprung from the ground. Each of these must withstand the elements of nature to survive in a beautiful but hard world.

Carefully harvested, these natural fibres are then processed so they can be hand woven into a rug – delivering a sturdy design with the artisans touch and a quality investment that quite often becomes an heirloom.

Modern artisanal luxury

We stock a massive range of rugs but if you’re keen to furnish your floor with something unusual – even making it a talking point or ‘a piece of artwork you can walk on’, then the luxury rug collection from Stan’s Rugs is your first stop. We make sure we always hold a clever, versatile collection of modern designs as well as traditional creations that never, ever go out of style.

You’re welcome to come in to our showroom to see our range or scroll at your leisure through our online store. You simply can’t be disappointed.