What’s the Difference between Modern, Traditional and Transitional Rugs?

Throwing down the right rug for the perfect space isn’t rocket science, BUT… after you’ve placed a new rug in its place, it won’t quite fit if you haven’t given enough thought to its practical use and how it’s style or pattern fits into the rest of the room.

So, let’s make the shopping process a lot easier and take a few minutes to explain the differences between modern, traditional and transitional rugs.


Modern or Contemporary Rugs

Canvas-Aegean Blue wool blend rugs Perth

Best suited to new homes and designers looking for a more easy-going approach, styles in the modern rug category can soften or sharpen up a space. A contemporary rug can consist of a bold use of colour. Strong geometric shapes and rugs with free-form elements are also popular.

Textured rugs and flat weave rugs fit into the contemporary rug mould. In fact the range of choices in this category is extremely diverse – much more than traditional rugs. The big draw for modern rugs is, you’re making an artistic statement as much as laying it down for practical purpose.

Having said that, a contemporary rug can be understated, as seen with Scandinavian rug designs that leave the surrounding furniture to feature.


Traditional Rugs


Consisting of ornate patterns that have been revered for centuries, today’s traditional rug designs typically herald from historical Oriental, Persian, European and Victorian patterns. These beautiful rugs often add an elevated, dignified style to a space but don’t be fooled into thinking you need a heritage-listed home. Traditional rugs are just at home in casual, modern living spaces.

One rule that is always adhered to by makers of traditional rugs is to use the same set of colours: blue, black, red, maroon, white, green, navy and/or brown. Expert or not, you’ll know a traditional rug when you see it. The design almost always features a border, floral and filigree-type intricate patterns, and one or many medallions in the shape of octagons, hexagons and diamonds.

Now you just need to decide where they would best sit in your home – on the floor, the wall, or both!


Transitional Rugs


As the word describes, transitional rugs are an in-between blend of both traditional and contemporary styles. It’s an inventive way to give your space some elegance without that formal finish.

So, you may find a transitional rug will have the same floral and bordered pattern of a traditional rug but it doesn’t adhere to the strict colour regime. It may possess a medallion but blend the rest of the rug into a bold, vibrant unbroken colour. Bayliss rugs are leaders in beautiful transitional rugs and Stan’s Rugs are proud to stock a great range of them.

It’s the joy of the modern age that we can mix and match two classic styles of rug, but if you feel each room should have its own style, then we stock a wonderful choice of contemporary/modern rugs, traditional rugs and transitional rugs. You’re welcome to come in to our showroom to see our range or scroll at your leisure through our online store. You simply won’t be disappointed.

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