How to Clean Your Rug


They connect spaces and ease your mind as well as your soul once you kick off those shoes. So how do you show your rug a little love when it’s in need of a refresh? Well today, we’re going to improve the health of rugs across the country with some insider tips from our experts.

Our hard and fast rules for any rug are simple:

  • Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your rug
  • A weekly vacuumed is a must!
  • It’s not as hard as you think.


Cowhide rugs

After vacuuming in the direction that the hair runs, remove any additional dirt and debris with a broom or plastic bristled brush.

Naturally stain-resistant, hides can still stain. Don’t ever soak your hide. Instead target any spills the moment they’re made using a damp cloth and water, and dabbing motion.


Jute rug

Consisting of some of the softest natural fibres in the world, use the smallest amount of water and a soft-bristled brush or moist cloth for spills. Soda water is especially effective on red wine. Then dry it quickly with a hairdryer.

For an additional layer of protection, apply a jute sealer to give yourself more time before a spill sets.

Jute rugs are reversible so you can spread the wear, or flip the rug when one side is looking a bit tired.


Shag pile rug

When vacuuming, use an attachment that is gentle, not the regular vacuum head – those hairs can come out if you’re not careful.

For spot removal of stains, water and vinegar is the ideal mixture. For a deep clean, fill a bathtub 4:1 with cold water and a delicate laundry liquid. Soak and move the rug around for 30 minutes. Squeeze out the suds, rinse in cold water, squeeze it out and lay it flat in the shade to dry.


Textured rugs

Vacuuming is the key to a long life from your textured rugs. That and rotating them – it shares the wear and tear around.

To keep the vibrancy of the textured rug, and to remove soil particles, a steamer from your local supermarket is perfect.


Silk Rugs

Silk rugs can seem temperamental BUT they’re so worth it. When vacuuming, be gentle and don’t use the brush, go straight for the suction attachment.

Keep silk rugs away from direct heat of any kind. Blot spills and stains gently with water and vinegar and avoid usual carpet shampoos or cleaners – go straight for the professional products.


Wool Rugs

With a spill we strongly suggest you blot your liquid on to absorb the spill. Don’t wipe across the delicate fibre. When vacuuming, avoid a rotating bristle brush and use a hand held attachment. After washing your woollen rug, dry it in the shade of the sun will fade and shrink the fibres.


Flat Weave Rugs

This is the rug you want if you love to vacuum. A flat weave rug is made tough and can withstand constant vacuuming. Spills are easy to deal with too: blot the spill with a paper towel – don’t wipe or scrub. Soap and cold water combined are a perfect stain remover.


Hand-tufted Rugs

You’ll recognise a hand-tufted rug because it sheds a lot of fibres at the start of its life so it’s okay to vacuum your rug on a high setting.

Spills must be removed immediately or you’re probably going to have to live forever with the stain that follows. A spill that contains oil of some sort can be removed with a small amount of alcohol. And again, avoid direct sunlight, it will fade hand-tufted rugs over time.


Hand-woven/Hand-knotted Rugs

The fibres of these rugs are woven tight in an interlocking system, so dirt and particles will find their way down to the roots. Vacuum well and often but without that rotating brush head.

We don’t use any cleaning agents on hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs. We opt for soda water and a cloth. Just dab the fluid onto the spill and blot off immediately. Warm water and vinegar should deal with any pet urine problems.

So as you can see, a bit of common sense, a gentle touch and regular care will see your rugs last decades of life in your home. Now you just need to decide what the next rug type is for your home. You’re welcome to scroll through our online store, or stroll through our warehouse to see the huge range we have to offer.

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