Flat Weave Rugs

You’d be flat out finding a more popular floor covering solution than the flat weave rug. Its widespread use over the centuries comes down to two major factors: theloom weave that makes it incredibly durable and the fact you get two rugs for the price of one thanks to its reversible nature.

Over the years at Stan’s Rugs, our customers have found a range of uses for our wide choice of flat weave rugs. Hand-woven in India, the thin profile and no pile means they’re perfect around the home, office and for prayer mats. Our extensive range of designs ensures you’ll find the perfect fit be it for a modern architecturally designed space or your cosy sunroom.

Designs can really vary these days so we make sure we cover the scope of tastes. Some of our customers go straight to the traditional Native American tribal and Middle Eastern patterns. Others prefer more contemporary designs and use them as a wall hanging!

Whichever design you choose, a flat weave rug is the perfect way to add a textured look to a room and that’s achievable with any of the materials we use – pure wool, jute, a wool and art silk blend and polyester.

To get a taste of just how multi-faceted our flat weave rugs are, we invite you to ‘scroll or stroll’. Scroll through our online store or stroll in-store,where you can feel the beautiful robustquality of these enduring floorcoverings for yourself.