WA Rug Trends for 2021

We’re sure quite a few of you would like to sweep memories of 2020 under the carpet (or in our case, under a modern floor rug). What a year it has been. While that may not be possible, you can begin to think about starting 2021 fresh – and what better way to do that than by re-styling your home with a few well placed, stylish and beautiful rugs?

But what rug is right for you? Read on to find out which rug styles are trending for 2021.

Chindi Rugs

Natural & Neutral Natural Collection

It’s hard to look past our Natural, neutral and Textured collections. Adding coastal charm to any room, these collections are brilliant for rugs for WA living. Authentic and classic, their beauty is functional and hardwearing making them the perfect indoor-outdoor rug choice.


Bold & Bright

If you’re looking for something to add pop and zing to your interior landscape, we have a selection of rugs right for you. This gorgeous russet rug adds style and romanticism to any room – its luxurious wool and art silk design is sure to delight.


Grey Shades (Modern Rugs)

Grey never goes out of fashion. Sleek, stylish or textured we are seeing a growing number of people choosing this pared bared, refined look for their homes.


Multicolour Flatweave Round rugs

Are you a fan of the Bohemian, Artisanal look? Choose one of our multicolour flatweave or round rugs in Perth. These bright, hand stitched, cotton rugs brighten up any room. They are casual, elegant, and not too precious.



If you’re a fan of patterned rugs our range of cleverly designed floor coverings add that little bit extra. When style with contemporary furniture, these rugs come into their own. Mixing patterns is also growing in popularity. Rather than pairing patterned rugs with quiet furniture, we are seeing an increase in people choosing to layer patterns together.



These delightful, opulent designs throwback to an era of romance and decadence. Working as a perfect contract to a monochromatic colour scheme, these rugs are the star of the show.

Custom rugs

Custom Rugs

Next year we anticipate a big push towards custom, bespoke rugs. People want to fill their homes with hand-crafted, custom rugs that will last for generations.


We can help

And there you have it. All the inspiration and trends you need to make your flooring the focal point. In any room.


Over the years we’ve accumulated a large collection of rugs from around the world and we take pride in bringing the best in designs and colours to our customers, keeping up with ever changing fashion trends.


If you need help deciding what kind of rug is best for you, we can help. We’re passionate about finding the perfect rug for your space, and your budget.


For more information, visit us at our showroom in Inglewood to view our full collection or contact us today to discuss a custom option.

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