So What is a Transitional Rug?

Transitional rugs represent the coming together of the classic and contemporary designs, to create a distinctive rug that fits perfectly into our modern, eclectic world.

Take the traditional rug design with its border, floral and filigree-type intricate patterns and one or many medallions in the shape of octagons, hexagons and diamonds. Then introduce a thoroughly modern design: a bold colour, geometric patterns and free-form elements. By incorporating both designs into the one transitional rug, you get an in-between blend that possesses elegance and interest without that formal finish.

So, you may find a transitional rug will have the same floral and bordered pattern of a traditional rug but it doesn’t adhere to the strict colour regime of blue, black, red, maroon, white, green, navy and/or brown. It may very well possess a traditional medallion but then blend the rest of the rug into a bold, vibrant unbroken colour.

Stan’s Transitional Rugs

Stan’s Rugs proudly stocks an extensive range of transitional rugs, bought from one of the leaders in this design – Bayliss Rugs.

If you’re keen to energise a space with a contrast of metallic and matte, Drift is possibly for you. The faded wash effects of Jezebel could be more your taste. Or you can stand back and watch your guests run through their own range of emotions as they take in the clever modern/traditional fade of Evoke .

All with a luscious pile height of between 9 – 10mm, from polypropylene and/or polyester, we give you an extensive list of sizes to choose from.

How Best To Use a Transitional Rug

Know, first and foremost that your new transitional rug will be a talking piece! But it means much more than that to your home. Transitional rugs are used to best effect when placed for warmth. Not just on the feet either. It’s also about warming up a space with colour and patterns.

A transitional rug will surprise you with how well they work in a variety of design schemes and they’re a shrewd choice for updating a tired space. They also come in runners, so the floor makeover can start at the front door!

Styling a Transitional Rug

As mentioned previously, you can’t really go wrong with however you choose to style your transitional rug simply because it’s an in-between piece. If you have a modern dining area that leads into a classic kitchen – that’s the perfect area for a transitional rug to bridge the two styles.

Just remember the transitional rug rule: they cleverly merge decors where a bit of opulence meets simple colour schemes, clean lines and open spaces.

Here’s where the lesson ends and the shopping begins! If you feel you’d like a little more face-to-face guidance on buying your next (or very first!) transitional rug, please feel free to stop by our Inglewood showroom. We’d be happy to help.

If, on the other hand, you’d love a scroll through our online store, go right ahead. We’re ready to help when the perfect rug speaks to you.