Textured Rugs

Here’s the thing about the feel of a textured rug under foot…

You can rent, you can own, you can work in an office.Wherever you walk, why ever you’re walking, an expertly crafted textured rugmakes your space better.

Textured rugs elevateand personalise a space.They warm things up: your heart, your room, your feet!

Now, turn your attention to the amazing collection of textured rugs from Stan’s Rugs and you’ll see just how exciting, varied and creative a textured rug can really be.

We specialise in so many designs that our textured rug collection is a favourite starting point for customers right around Perth. Made from 100% wool, art silk, felt wool, cow hide or art silk wool blend, we deliver pre-made designs and custom create that next talking piece for your home or office.

Available in mostly natural colours, popular textured rug designs start at chunked braided and hand-stitched and run right through to hand-woven and hand-woven in India.

Got a small room or an overly large space to fill? We have your floor covered with a range of sizes that’s second only to our range of designs.

Our textured rugs touch the heart, soul and floors of people from all walks of life. When you’re ready to feel the thrill of walking on a textured rug from Stan’s Rugs, we invite you to start your browsing in-store or online.