Natural Rugs

Perth’s Great Collection of Natural Rugs

Trying to understand the benefits of natural rugs? Then how about: 

  • They’re derived from natural fibres – off the sheep’s back and from plants. That’s super-sustainable!
  • More often than not, they’re considered a relatively inexpensive rug.
  • They’re the versatile option for city, rural and coastal homes, upholding their décor value through the seasons.
  • Non-shedding natural fibres have less impact on allergy sufferers.

The range of natural rugs is larger than you might think. Wool is often the first that springs to mind but other popular organic stablemates include sisal, jute, cotton and hemp.

Who’s Using Natural Rugs and Where?

There’s a natural fibre rug suitable for every room, in any home. You’ll often see them used commercially too, standing up to the demands of on-trend design and practicality.

Across the country, Australians are using sisal rugs for heavy traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Eco-friendly jute works perfectly in studies and bedrooms. Soft cotton weaves have a high popularity anywhere around the home because they present a cool vibe on hot summer days.

Natural Rug Styles

Get ready to be surprised. As the push towards more eco-friendly products gains increased momentum, natural rug designers are expanding their colours and styles to cope with the interest.

It’s precisely because natural fibre rugs have mostly neutral tones that you can begin styling your room with a natural rug and work your way out with other soft furnishings and furniture to have a really diverse texture pallet.

Styles that never go out of fashion are the rectangular shapes that Stan’s Rugs can customise for hallways, living rooms, boardrooms and entries.


Jute is a sensation in the natural rug world. Its silky properties combined with its high durability make it a favourite for foyers and other high-traffic areas.

Left to its natural colour, Jute’s brown appearance is well-suited to areas where staining could be a common occurrence. So baby’s room or in a rumpus room would be perfect locations for jute. It’s easy to care for too. Spot-cleaning with a mild soapy water should suffice, provided you don’t leave the stain to set.

Jute designs vary greatly, from sophisticated and plush, to earthen and rustic. The jute movement is on and it’s time you got on board.

Round Rugs

They’re beautiful, practical and sustainable but round natural rugs have even more to give. They add symmetry to a room, delivering warmth and texture all at once. The larger weave means they’re much easier to vacuum.

Stan’s Rugs has a great range of round natural rugs. Our Chindi is hand-woven in 100% cotton and has a dynamic range of colour that demands it be put out in a high traffic area to show off its good looks.

Tutti Frutti plays with colour and hand-woven artistry while the Polo is a stunning contemporary round rug in an assortment of colours.


Loved by almost every single foot that stands upon it, wool is the natural rug of choice for many of us. Wool does not flatten easily so will retain its looks for longer. It’s also more stain resistant than other fibres – another huge plus for the investment.

100% wool can be seen as an expense at the start of your rug’s life but believe us, the years it gives back to you, not only keeping your home warm but retaining it’s beautiful looks for longer, makes it a very smart buy.

No floor covering feeds the soul as much as a natural fibre rug does. To open your home to beauty, practicality and the environmentally sound option, shop smart via Stan’s Rugs online store or come in to our Inglewood showroom for some personal natural rug advice.